Thursday, August 21, 2008

Playing Xbox 360 The Force Unleashed Demo

So I got up very early Thursday morning to download the Demo for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Of course when I got there I found out that you need to have Gold Membership to download the demo (which I had just let mine expire because it wasn't worth it) so I had to re-enlist.

Ok, so I download the demo and hop in.
First things being first I went ahead and took the tutorial on how to grip and toss things.

Oh man, this is gonna be good! You use the right trigger to grab something and the left joystick to toss it left or right/forward backward or the right joystick to move it up and down. Check.

Toss some boxs, Check. Break some glass by tossing boxes into it, Check. Toss boxes and smash Stormtroopers, Check. Ok, that's the tutorial. Pretty easy to do.

Now on to the demo. You start off and the first thing you see is a little R2 unit.
So I pick him up and sling him against the wall and he explodes! It was great.
I must have spent the next several minutes simply picking things up and moving them.

You can force hold something forever it seems. Kinda cool. You cannot move when you are force holding something but you can move the object all over.

One of the funnest ways to kill someone is to pick them up and lift them WAY up high, then just drop them and watch them flail as they fall and bounce. This virtual world stuff is way cool.
Or pick him up and toss your saber at him and let it stick in his chest, then drop him.

You can pick a large object up (Tie Bomber for example) and drop it on a group of guys or hold it about 1 foot off the ground and move it around and sweep baddies around with it.

There are combos you can do. Lightning you can zap, a force push that blasts everything in front of you. Very cool. The first time I slung some poor slob into a door and the door bent I just giggled.

Killing the Bosses kinda sucks. You get them weak to a point and then it's a series button pushes that you must do to finish him off. In the demo, the boss is an AT-ST and after you get him down to a point the screen flashes the green A button and you must press A in time, then it shows you the blue X button and you must press it, then the A again and if you miss a sequence you have to work the Boss down again and try the sequence again till you get it right and get a Finishing blow.

I started at the easy level and it was a little too easy. I was laying guys to waste left and right.
Went back and tried the Sith level and it was pretty cool carnage.

All in all a fun game and I'm looking forward to the full blown version.