Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Force Unleashed Xbox 360 Lockup Fix

So you played a few levels of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on your Xbox 360 then got bored or for whatever reason you put another game in your Xbox 360 and now when you go to play TFU again, you get a Black screen and nothing else.

Way to go guys at LucasArts! I guess you just assumed that people would play your game from start to finish without ejecting the disc?

Anyway, the bug is bad, but there is a fix for now.

Start up your Xbox 360 while holding down the A button (clears cookies).
Next go to the System Tag on your Xbox 360 Dashboard.
Select Memory, then select Hard Drive and press "Y" to view the device options.
Trust me, this is ok to do, it's scary, but it works.
On your controller,
press and release "X",
press and release "X" again
press and release the Left Bumper (upper left)
press and release the Right Bumper (upper right)
press and release "X"
press and release "X" again.
A box will come up and prompt you do do "System Maintenance".
Press "A"
This will clear the cache on your Xbox 360 Hard Drive.

You can now play the game. It appears to be fine as long as you leave the CD in the drive.
I haven't tried playing something else that is saved on the disk to see if that messes it up too.

Hopefully LucasArts will release a fix for it soon. But I'm doubtful since they don't even seem to be acknowledging that there is a problem in the first place.

I'm seeing posts now that say to delete the demo before you install the full version of the game and you won't have the problem.