Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Build a Cheap Lightsaber Fast

How You Can Build A Lightsaber In 20 Minutes

Let's start with the Parts. On the left we have three rubber seals that go on a garbage disposal where the drain pipe connects to it (you can uuse O-rings too). Up top we have some rubber floormat that has been cut to be about an inch wide. Next to it is a flashlight lens that was painted silver.

Then we have the three pieces of 1 1/2 inch plumbing pipe. The one to the left is 6 inches long, has threaded ring that screws on top and is sleeved to allow another pipe to fit into it. This will be the emitter end and the flashlight lens will go under the ring. At the bottom is a 5 inch piece that is just plain at both ends. Lastly is the 45 degree angled piece and the two screw on rings with seals.

What I'm building here is a Count Dooku style Lightsaber.
If you want to build a straight lightsaber, just take out the 45 degree angle and use a straight connector or one longer sleeved piece.

The one piece I forgot to show here is the endcap for the grip end, but you'll see it in a minute.

Step 1)

Put the one ring and seal around the end to be the "Emitter" and Slip the "Emitter" piece into the 45 degree. Slide the ring down and thread on.

Step 2)

Repeat the process for the grip end.

Step 3)

Slip the rubber seals onto the grip end and space them evenly. Use more seals if you want a full grip of rubber.

Step 4)

This is the piece I forgot to show you earlier. It's 1 1/2 inch plug for a sink top (or whatever) and it makes a perfect endcap.

Ok, we have the rear grips in place and the end cap in. Now we need a fore-grip. Something to hold onto as you're doing battle.

I forgot to take a picture but, now is a good time to unscrew the "Emitter" ring and put the flashlight lens under it, then screw it back on. If you can't find a flashlight lens to use. Just cut a piece of cardboard or some plastic and paint it silver.

Step 5)

Cut a piece of the rubber floor mat long enough to fit around the saber. This takes a little practice. I have found that it's just easier to cut it too long, then start trimming until I can just wrap it around where it's going to go and the ends match up nicely. Take your time and cut straight. You want the ends to match up good or it will really look bad.

Step 6)

CAREFULLY apply some super glue to the back of the rubber. Make sure you get the two ends that will butt up together as well.

Don't apply too much or it will seep out the sides and fog up the chrome. If you get to much on the rubber, careful wipe some off with a paper towel.

Step 7.

Now CAREFULLY wrap the rubber strip around the emitter end. And use some tape to hold it in place till it dries.

Drill a little hole and stick in a red button and TAA-DAA.

Ok, it's not the most accurate Dooku saber but, it gets the idea across

Now go out there and use this guide and start making your Lightsaber.

After you build one or two, you will start thinking of all sorts of things that you can use.

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