Thursday, April 24, 2008

Master Replicas™ SW-616 review

Master Replicas SW616 Force FX Lightsaber Construction Set.
AKA The "Joe Jedi Lightsaber"
This is the coolest thing to come out lately. It's from Master Replica's and it's only available at Radio Shack (and well Ebay or other folks that are reselling them. I got mine on sale for $44.95.

This is a kit that allows you to build a custom Lightsaber from 3 different Emitters, Foregrips, Activation switches, Grips and Pommels. (that's 3 of each).

The emitters and pommels are metal, everything else is plastic.

You basically get one emitter that is a cross between Luke's Ep4 saber and Obi-Wans Ep1/Ep6 saber. One that looks like Vader's black shroud from Ep4 and a silver one like Ep6.

Foregrips are Silver tube like Vaders, Black Grips like Obi-Wan's EP1 or Disc Grips like Luke's Ep4.

The switch/activation sections are one like Luke's Ep4, Vaders Ep4, or one I have never seen before (kind looks like a Doorbell button).

The Grips are either a solid silver tube like Luke's Ep4, 4 large black grips like Yoda's Ep5/6 or the Wiper Blade look of Vaders or Luke's Ep4/5 sabers.

The Pommels are pretty basic 2 round ones that look likes versions of Vaders and one that reminds you of Luke's Ep4 one.

You start off with a Plastic Tube that houses the batteries, sound module and light.
The blade is already attached and not removable.
You slip on the Pommel, Foregrip, Switch, Grip of your choice and screw on the pommel and you have a saber.

There is a switch that controls the color for the bladge (red/blue/green).

The blade is a little shorter then a standard Master Replicas saber but all in all, for the price, I don't think you can beat it.

The blade is not done the same as the regular Master Replica Lightsabers.
This one only has one buld in the Hilt and it shoots up the blade.

I'll be going back and getting another one so I can see what I can do with it.
Since it's all based in a tube, maybe I can find some other custom wrapper for this thing and totally make my own version of a Master Replica's saber.